"I went from a wheel chair to walking normally in 16 weeks.  I am so grateful, I was afraid I would never hold my daughter again.  I am now playing with my daughter like I was never sick.  Dr. Millman's system is nothing short of a miracle." M.S.      Read Marina's full story here


" Dr. Millman is fantastic. Reasonable prices and great results. I haven't felt so good in 20 years. Finding out and giving your body what it needs is so simple. This is the place to do that. Dr. Millman is smart, intuitive, and caring--she wants to make a difference-- and she does."   C.S.


"For the first time in a long time, I feel like my old self again.  I have too much energy for my friends now"  S.D.


“I have been seeing Dr. Millman for several months and have seen great results. The supplements she prescribes are the highest quality and much better than almost any prescription meds. After many years of high cholesterol (over 250 and didn't want to take the statin drugs), in the last 8 months it dropped 37 points! That's something other natural/homepathic remedies haven't been able to do. Dr. Millman has the insight and the knowledge to look for issues other doctors have missed.  She has made a world of difference for me!”   M.T.


"My shoulders hurt for several years and so I gave up golfing.  I found out that I was mineral deficient and now my shoulders are almost perfect.  I am excited now that my retirement will not be limited by declining health.  I am ready to take up golfing again!!" S.S.


"Dr. Millman is my angel.  I am sure she was sent to me specially to help me feel like I knew I could. " C.P.

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