Why Natural?

Dr.  Millman realized that for herself and her patients drugs rarely work, and that in fact, the side effects often make things worse.  Since, the drugs do not attack the root of the problem and fix it, they do not cure.  This can be seen for blood pressure drugs.  If the drugs cured the condition, you could stop the drug and your blood pressure would be normal.  We know that this is never the case, if you are given a blood pressure drug, the implication is that it is for life.  

However, we know that poor diet and inadequate exercise are root causes of hypertension.  By focusing on these lifestyle changes as well as chronic infection and toxicity, we can turn back the clock and heal your body so that you dont have to take medication any more.  The importance of this approach is that it focuses on healing, not just band-aiding symptoms with drugs.

Why customized?

Any symptom can be caused by a number of different roots.  A nutritional program that is based on symptoms, without testing, is not likely to be effective.  

"Without testing for the root-- you are guessing.  This can be a waste of money, energy, and typically, does not end suffering." Dr Millman.

Dr. Millman tests for the root cause by combining Functional Medicine lab analyses with Nutrition Response Testing.   She evaluates for food sensitivities, heavy metal and chemical toxicities, chronic sub-clinical infection, hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies by this approach. 

"I am constantly amazed at the power of individualized testing.  It gets to the root of your problem, not someone else's."  Dr. Millman.

Why whole food?

It is not enough for Dr. Millman to care, listen, and determine the root cause of your condition, she also must have natural products that reverse the root and heal the body.

In addition to herbal supplements and homeopathics, Dr Millman uses a special line of products called whole food supplements.  This means that the nutrients are derived from food and are in their natural state.  They are cold pressed to retain their nutrition, they are organically grown, and they meet the highest purity standards in the industry.  Since they are made from food, they are absorbed easily and the body recognizes them as fuel and building blocks for natural healing.

One of the classes of whole food supplements Dr. Millman uses is called a protomorphogen.  Protomorphogens naturally decrease the inflammation towards a specific tissue, like the thyroid.  These supplements are extremely powerful and at this time, there is no drug that does the same thing.

Dr. Millman has perfected a system for testing, not guessing, to determine the root cause of your condition and then uses natural, safe, effective remedies to make you feel better and better every day.  Call The Millman Clinic for an appointment today. 

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