Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are Dr. Millman's 1:1 consultations covered by insurance?

A.  Dr. Millman's consultations are often reimbursable by insurance at an out of network percentage.  You pay her fees at the time of service and you can submit an invoice with a filled out claim form to the insurance company for reimbursement.   While she does not guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you for her services, her patients often find that her services are covered at an out of network percentage. 

Q. Why should I see Dr. Millman instead of my regular doctor?

A. Dr. Millman digs deeper than a conventional medical doctor to understand your needs and prescribe either prescription drugs or holistic remedies, depending on what will get you the most effective results.  If you are not feeling your best, you may need a different approach.  Dr Millman can provide you with an innovative natural program where you can take responsibility for your health and begin to turn back the clock. 

Q. Why would I want to come back more than once a year?

A. Seeing your doctor annually or only when you are in crisis is as ineffective as going to the gym for one week after New Years or not eating the day before your wedding to lose weight.  Like weight loss, physical wellness is not something that can be achieved in a day or even a week. Success comes in regular intervals. Dr. Millman will suggest a visit frequency that makes the most sense for you to heal quickly and get the best results. 

Q.  I want to refer to Dr Millman but are not sure what to say.  What do I tell people about you?

A.  Dr. Millman can help when others have failed.  Her innovative approach is safe, effective and she is a different kind of doctor.  One who cares deeply about how you feel and will make sure that your relationship with her is a partnership from the beginning.  She tests for the root cause of your condition in ways that conventional medical doctors can not and she uses natural products that in some cases work better and more effectively than pharmaceutical drugs.  She looks at your entire case as a whole, as opposed to segmented into pieces that are not cohesive.  She thinks about how stress and emotions fit into the picture and refers to emotional and spiritual healers when appropriate. 

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