About Dr. Kim Millman MD PhD

Dr. Millman is an Integrated Medical Doctor and is the founder of  The Millman Clinic.

Her passion is to help people live the rich, full lives they were destined to have without the burden of chronic illness.  Dr. Millman's training and abilities are as unique as the care that she provides.  Her medical training has spanned 22 years of her life and she is gifted at integrating, partnering, and customizing so that her patients get the most innovative comprehensive medical care possible.

Dr Millman’s health challenges and her intense passion to help people fueled her desire to become a doctor and holistic physician.  

Frustrated and dissatisfied with the lack of effective solutions she was offered by conventional medical doctors, Dr Millman was bound and determined to find out why she was sick.  After learning all she could about nutrition and dietary supplements, she found out that she was sensitive to gluten, a protein found in wheat.  When she eliminated it from her diet, most of her symptoms resolved or improved.  This was definitely a turning point for her, as it revealed the amazing healing power of nutrition.

Dr Millman built a solid medical foundation by becoming a board certified Internist and an acclaimed and published medical researcher. 

She graduated with a doctorate in both Medicine and Epidemiology from the University of Southern California in 2003 and finished her Internal Medicine residency at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, an affiliate of Stanford University in 2006. While in medical school and residency, she investigated DNA repair in bacteria; HIV diversity as part of an international vaccine development effort; and she conclusively proved that Chlamydia trachomatis, the organism responsible for pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility, has the ability to recombine its DNA.  Her medical research has been published in many prestigious peer reviewed medical journals and has been presented at two international scientific conferences.

Dr. Millman is an expert in Functional Medicine and Nutrition Response Testing, two holistic techniques she integrates into her medical practice. 

She has over 15 years of post-graduate training in Functional Medicine, and is one of only 300 or so practitioners in the world who is a Master in Nutrition Response Testing.  As a result, Dr. Millman does not prescribe a pill for every ill, but instead, looks at the person as a complicated interconnected web integrating the effects of emotions and stress with the biochemical aspects of disease.  She excels at embracing the complexities, and this allows her to see the root of the problem.   As a result, her patients see long-lasting resolution of their problems.

Dr Millman is a great listener, is fully present, and really wants you to get better.  

She is passionate about forming partnerships with her patients, not insisting they follow her  recommendations out of fear.  She understands that change can be difficult, so she is flexible and offers real-world solutions.  Above all, she wants you to get better and so she listens to your fears, integrates all she knows, and comes up with a solution that gets to the root of your condition, and fixes it, once and for all.  

If you would like this kind of innovative cutting-edge medical care, call The Millman Clinic at (408) 218-9301.

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