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At The Millman Clinic, Dr. Millman gives you innovative, safe, effective solutions that turn back your biological clock and get you looking and feeling your best.


 Initial Consultation - Integrative Medicine

At your initial consultation for Integrative Medicine, you will receive a thorough medical examination.  Dr. Millman will conduct a full review of your history, labs and health studies, as well as assess all the medications and supplements you are taking.  She will recommend traditional, as well as state of the art functional medicine labs, where appropriate.  If there is enough time in the first visit, Dr. Millman will test for the root cause(s) of your condition using Nutrition Response Testing and Functional Medicine examinations.  She will design a nutrition program for you based on your history, exam and root cause analysis.  She will check that all herbs recommended are compatible with your medications.  This restorative program will work in synergy with your body's natural and innate power to heal.  She will suggest how often you should come for follow-up visits based on your condition, and recommend a schedule of care for you to receive optimal results.

For most conditions, Dr. Millman recommends Integrative Medicine visits every four weeks until you have made real progress and then less often during the maintenance phase of your care with us.  More aggressive and longer lasting conditions may require visits every 2 weeks in the beginning and may take a little bit longer to reach the maintenance phase of care.  

Follow- up  - Integrative Medicine


On your follow-up visit, Dr. Millman will review lab results with you and monitor your progress.  She will do a new Nutrition Response Testing root cause analysis.  In cases when there are alot of labs to review, she may have to schedule another appointment to do a new Nutrition Response Testing root cause analysis.  Dr. Millman will then integrate your lab results with your exam findings and will refine your nutrition and supplement recommendations.  She will address your concerns, answer your questions and provide you with the support you need in order to keep you on the road to optimal health and wellness.


You will be embarking on a journey to improve your health.  This takes commitment, energy, and discipline.  You will need to be evaluated frequently in the beginning, so that your personalized recommendations can be updated for your body's changing status. 

Integrative medicine is quite different than the old model of going to the doctor when you are in a health crisis.  When health is approached in this manner, it is comparable to a house that is on fire. The doctor can put out the fire, but the house is still smoldering and the hazardous conditions that allowed the fire to happen in the first place are still present just waiting for the next opportunity to ignite.

For a permanent solution to the problem, the house needs to be cleaned and rebuilt.  In a wellness model, effort is spent in cleaning out the rubble and rebuilding the house. Just as it takes time to rebuild the house, it takes time to rebuild the body.

Fee Schedule: (Effective 1/1/24)
Initial Consultation - Integrative Medicine   2 hours   $600.00
In Depth Follow-up - Integrative Medicine   1 hour 30 minutes   $450.00
Basic Follow-up - Integrative Medicine   1 hour   $300.00
Weight Loss with Semaglutide   1 hour   $300.00


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