"How to Build Strong Healthy Bones Naturally, 
So You Can Age Gracefully and Stay Active for Life..."

In this Valuable Special Report, you’ll discover:

How to Pick the BEST CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT for You that is Effective and Won't Contaminate Your Body.

The Hidden Dangers Found in Many of the Popular Calcium Supplements Sold Today.

The Type of Calcium That Builds Bone Density Much Better Than Calcium Carbonate and Bone Meal.


With Dr. Kim Millman MD PhD
Your Holistic Osteoporosis Doctor

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Calcium - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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You're going to LOVE this report, if you are…  

Confused by some of your doctor's recommendations including the best calcium supplement to take

Overwhelmed by all the different information out there and not sure what you need to be doing

Concerned that if you break a hip you'll be a burden to your family

Afraid you could end up with a stooped back like your mom or grand-mom and always in pain

Tired of trying to sort it all out by yourself


"I've helped hundreds of people with osteoporosis, just like you, build strong healthy bones naturally and stay active for life..."  

NEW Peace of Mind

I was taking Fosamax for my osteoporosis.  It was awful.  I always felt like I had the flu.  What's worse, I had to figure out on my own that it was the drug making me feel bad.  I was worried that if I stopped the medication, my bones would get worse and that a natural program would not be effective. 

Then I attended Dr. Millman’s lecture.  I found out that a special form of calcium is clinically proven to be just as good as medications and it's not going to contaminate my body.  

Her lecture and training programs are the best I've ever seen covering natural solutions for osteoporosis.   

P.E., San Jose, CA


I am doing ALL I can for My Bones naturally and I Feel Fantastic

Before Dr Millman’s Healthy Bones program, I wasn’t at my prime.  I was nodding off at work, had poor sleep, digestive issues, and brain fog.  I generally felt dull.  I had to use a cane for about a week because my hips were so painful and I was worried I would get worse. 

I have been working with Dr. Millman for 3 years now and her program is life changing. 

I now wake from a restful sleep, can't wait to start my day, and have steady energy until I go to sleep!  I am mentally sharp and have no pain in my hips. 

I go kayaking on the Sacramento river, spend hours in my garden, work with a personal trainer, and have more energy than my sons when we go to museums. 

When I think about my future now, it looks active and full.  I am confident my bones will stay strong and that I will be able to retire on my own terms, stay independent, and will continue to have fun.   My body and my bones are stronger than ever.   Patty Principi, Paradise, CA  


I Feel Like My Old Self Again

I started with Dr. Millman because my traditional doctor wanted to put me on meds for osteoporosis.  


Besides helping me with my digestive problems naturally, Dr. Millman showed me the connection between my gut and osteoporosis. I have confidence in the thorough plan she gave me to rebuild my bones. 


Since coming to see Dr Millman, I feel much better.  I have good energy, a clear mind, and my digestion is much improved. I am so thankful to Dr Millman for helping me get healthy again so I can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle.


I highly recommend Dr Millman for any one who is looking for a long, healthy life and an alternative to a life of prescription drugs.  S.R., San Jose, CA


BEST Doctor I have ever had!!

I am no longer worried about my bones.  Thanks to Dr. Millman I am addressing the root cause of why they are weak.  Her program is simple to follow and is the most up-to-date natural treatment guide for osteoporosis that I could find. 

As a result, I feel better than ever.  When I first came to see Dr. Millman, I was depressed and tired.  After just a few short weeks, I was happy and had my energy back.  I look great -- someone in my office last week thought I was 20 years younger than I am.  After many years of stomach and back pain, many doctors and much expense, Dr Millman discovered why I was suffering and has it under control.

I am so glad I found her – in fact I think my “little angels” dropped her on my door. 

I can always count on her.  G.H., San Jose, CA

Get FREE Instant Access to My Special Report

Calcium - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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I look forward to helping you have strong healthy bones so you can age gracefully and stay active for a lifetime.

My warmest wishes for your success,

Dr. Kim Millman MD PhD
Your Holistic Osteoporosis Doctor